What is mojCENT POS loyalty?

mojCENT is a unique system that has taken the best of POS marketing, loyalty card programs and various other marketing tools. We created a new advertising channel right on the receipts.



Receipt as a place for advertising?

Because we see receipts every day. Also service providers must issue it to you after the purchase. At the same time customers are obligatory to keep their receipts.



mojCENT options are …

We wanted to keep our software small and simple. This way mojCENT will never stand in a way of your sales skills and you will have the freedom to create any type of special offer you want.


Receipt created with mojCENT :


Our users

I never thought that a receipt, which I considered as a necessary “evil”, will one day help me increase sales and satisfaction of my clients.
Boštjan, Lia’s Caffe, Celje

Ways to use mojCENT system

Take a look at our tutorial section and learn how to use advanced features of mojCENT. Here you will also find step by step guides on creating various types of special offers, promoting your business or even create your own loyalty system.

  • Creating special offers
  • Serving ads based key words appearing on a receipt
  • And much more…

  • Mreža TV

    mojCENT – Mreža TV

    mojCENT is unique because it was built on best features of POS marketing, customer loyalty and other advertising platforms.

  • Scheduling special offers with mojCENT

    Our system gives you the possibility to schedule several special offers at the same time. Sometimes you will want to prepare more than one offer, but you don't want to show them all on one receipt (same customer).


mojCENT POS loyalty system is very flexible for creating any kind of specials, advertisements, loyalty programs…Prices


If you need more information about mojCENT system, browse our section with frequently asked questions.FAQ