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Is there a possibility to use several types of special offers at the same time?

You can have as many special offers running as you see fit. They can be displayed randomly on the receipts. Also there are advanced features with help of which you can:

  • prepare special offers, months in advance
  • limit special offers to appear at specific time of day, dates, days of the week

Detailed tutorial for using time filters can be found Here

What types of ads / special offers can I create?

You can easily create several types of ads or special offers:

  • Discount coupons
  • Applying discounts depending on previous purchases, bough items and amount spent
  • time limiting of discounts (by dates, days, hours)
  • Creating loyalty system and awarding customers with points
  • Creating of prize winning games for your customers

These are some of the possibilities, you can find the extended list of features in our tutorial section.


Do we need to educate our employees in order to use mojCENT?

Actually that won’t be necessary, it is enough to have one person creating the content. People working on the cash register, have absolutely no additional steps while they issue receipts to your customers. We designed our system in a way that it is easy to implement and doesn’t take time to your employees.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for mojCENT system?

Intel 887 Dual Core 1.50GHz, 1GB RAM i 100MB of hard disk space. mojCENT works with any Windows operating system.

Do we need to change our existing POS softwer in order to use mojCENT?

No, our goal was to develop a system that will work independently from the existing POS software. Although it will be able to read receipts issued by your software so you will be able to create ads that will activate when a certain item is purchased. So, you get to keep your existing software without any changes.