Take a few ideas and create a new one from them. Finally, what is a Snuggie if not a mutation of blanket and a bathrobe.

Components of mojCENT system:

mojcent-cash-register-iconPoint of sale marketing is designed in a way to encourage customers to something when paying their bills. In other words, POS marketing encourages them to buy more products when they are already at the end with their purchase. Usually there is an additional display that attracts their attention to various discounts and other types of special offers. The main purpose of POS marketing is to cause impulsive purchase.


  • customer is always met by another type of notice, or campaign
  • possibility to add banners, pictures to the receipt…

mojcent-loyalty-iconLoyalty cards, reward points, discounts… Just before paying, you present your loyalty card to be awarded with additional loyalty points or get additional discounts. This part of the system allows you to track your customers behavior and learn about their habits.


  • building customer loyalty
  • attracting new customers
  • advertising costs reduction

mojcent-ad-iconTo put it simply, this type of advertising will serve you ads based on your key word search history, geolocation etc… that way a customer will always see the ads that have the greatest chance to cause some kind of an action from them (click and eventually purchase).


  • You can easily set the budget of your campaign
  • If you’ve done your homework and know what you want, setting up your campaigns shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes

mojcent-informiranje-kupacaWe also wanted to incorporate the possibility of informing your customers. This section is limited only by your imagination. You can use it for short news, announcements, etc … This feature can really distinguish your receipts. Consider it as your own little news feed.

mojcent-kuponWe also gave you the possibility of creating coupons on your receipts. Coupon types can vary (discounts, giveaways…).

mojCENT LOYALTY – awarding your customers:

From the earliest development stages, we agreed that mojCENT must have the following features:

  • It has to work with any point of sale software that our clients use.

We wanted to coexist with any type of software out there which eventually led to implementation costs reduction.

  • Ability to create a vast network of users and build a new advertising channel.

Imagine the following scenario: you are on a vacation and sit down to drink a coffee. Once you get the receipt, you are instantly informed that you received a 30% discount for wind surfing, got a free ticket to local museum and you also entered some kind of a giveaway. This means that four local businesses used the same advertising space without being competitive to each other.

  • Build software with acceptable price even for smaller businesses.

We wanted to give them a chance to use advanced advertising tools.