A perfect advertising space!

Imagine the advertising space where you can instantly change your ads. The content of your ads can be based on the items people purchase, or amount of money spent. Customers must also keep your receipts along with ads displayed on them. That’s why the receipt is a perfect place for advertising!



Receipt layout

Its appearence is in most cases defined by the law and you can’t change it. The same law also tells the customers that they must always keep the receipt. This means that the receipt is a perfect spot to promote you products and services. mojCENT will NEVER change your receipts, instead it will only add a few extra fields on it through which you can do the following:



POS marketing: loyalty – advertising – informing – coupons

From now on, customers will check their receipts every time

You can inform them about upcoming special offers, award them with loyalty points and invite them to join your giveaways.

Receipts and online advertising are finally working as one tool

By adding a simple QR code your receipts will give you unlimited possibilities. Provide your clients with additional information, multimedia presentations, reward their loyalty and at the same time build your online presence.

Never identical and always with fresh information.

Even if you have the same clients coming to you every day, their receipts will never be the same.

Receipt with a content

This type of receipt changes consumer habits. It attracts attention and provides interesting information. Instead of merely checking it, your buyers will also start to read it. It will always show short news, cultural, sport events and various other local offers. You can also use it as a tool to increase your sale.

Additional elements

Local advertising

Right after unchangeable part of the receipt there will be added space for advertising, which you design. Ads can consist of graphics or text. By setting up a few simple parameters in the back end you can show or hide certain ads depending on the key words, amount spent by your customers or add date filters.

Global (cross-selling) advertising

With our system you also have the possibility of wider advertising. This is an advanced feature through which we can distribute your ads on receipts issued by other businesses that use mojCENT. Ad will be distributed depending on your location (if you are a local business).


If you are a wedding photographer, your add can be distributed through businesses that participate in wedding organisations (beauty salons, florists, restaurants).

Advertising / coupons for sale increase

We received a general feedback that coupons were an excellent tool for sale increase. By the use of coupons, you can reward your customers loyalty and even motivate them to come back to you. With our really simple back end, coupon content is limited only by your imagination:

  • discounts for next purchase
  • gathering a certain amount of coupons to participate in contests
  • discounts for repeated purchase within a deadline