Our system gives you the possibility to schedule several special offers at the same time. Sometimes you will want to prepare more than one offer, but you don’t want to show them all on one receipt (same customer).  This is why we decided to give you the possibility of displaying content, depending on date / time, amount spent, key words, bought products, etc… This tutorial will tell you how to use these filters in campaign scheduling.

Time limit for special offer

Activity between dates

Odabir datuma kampanje

Campaign date picker

In order to increase your sales and boost your promotion it is essential to have more than one active campaign. Our campaign planner gives you the possibility to create ads and specify in which period should they be active. For example, why not preparing your campaigns several months in advance?. Picture above shows you a simple interface through which you can activate campaigns in specific period.

Activity by the hour

Filtriranje kampanja po satima

Hour filter

Show your campaigns on specific hours. By the use of this filter you can display 2-3 different ads daily. These ads will never be displayed all at once on the same receipt.

Activity by week days

Filtriranje po danima u tjednu

Weekday filter

You can also show ads on specific days of the week. You don’t want to have your Friday specials displayed on Wednsday.

When to use these filters?

We recommend that you use them when you wish to have more than one active campaign. Examples;

  • Date filter – plan holiday specials several moths in advance and not in the last minute. They will automaticaly activet on the specific date.
  • Hour filter – you have more than one item in your special offers? Have one offer displayed in the morning hours and the other in the afternoon.
  • Weekdays filter – prepare one set of offer for working days and the other for weekends.